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My green Autumn Earrings: step by step tutorial

For my English speaking friends:

Let's tat together my green Autumn pattern

Here are the step by step instructions to make my new Autumn pattern you can see in the picture: I made it using a Polyester thread Penny 20 bottle green, Miyuki beads 11/0 Matte Metallic Patina, Swarovskji pearls 4mm. olive green.

First part: the Ankars flower

I normally tat Ankars flower using two shuttle. The second one I only use at the end of each couple of petals making a half knot just to pull the whole work tighter.
First of all I charge my shuttle 1 (the one I work with) with 54 seed beads.

Large Petal:                                                                                                                                         Leave 3 beads inside the ring before you start the knots: those beads will go on the top of the petal. 
5 knots.- 1 picot.- 2 knots.- 1 picot.- 3 knots.- take one bead from those you have on your thread and slide it towards the petal, so that it will be settled 'in work'.- 2 knots.- take the three beads you had left inside the ring and pull them up to the knots, those will be at the top of the petal.- 2 k.- 1 bead (as previously from the shuttle thread).- 3 k.- 1 picot.- 2 k.- 1 pic.- 5 k.- Close the ring
Small petal:                                                                                                                                          3 k.- 1 bead from the shuttle thread (all 4 beads you have on the shuttle thread).- 1 k.- 1 bead.- 1 k.- join to the big petal through its first picot.- 1 k.- 1 bead.- 1 k.- 1 bead.- 3 k. Close the ring.
Repeat  other 5  times

Second Part: Large arcs

Use two shuttles: charge shuttle two with 18 beads, those beads will go on the top of each arc.

Swarovskji beads rings:        

 5 knots.- join to the picot of the large petal underneath, on our left hand side.- 1 k.- insert the Swarovskji pearl (please refer to my previous tutorial if you need).- 1 knot.- join to the picot of the large petal underneath, on our right hand side.- 5 knots. Close ring


Big Arc:

3 k.- 1 pic.- 3 k.- 1 pic.- 3 k.- now we have to insert the beads which we'll find inside the arc: we'll take 3 loose beads and put them on the thread of shuttle one using a loop (you can refer to my previous tutorial) and we'll just leave them unfinished using a security pin, we'll pick them up later.- 1 knot.- 1 pic.- 2 knots.- now take 3 beads from shuttle 2 and pull them to the work.- 2 k.- 1 pic.- 1 k.- and now we have to pick the 3 beads we had left unfinished by removing the pin, pull the shuttle 1 thread through the picot using the hook, be careful you pull the thread accurately before you start with the knots again.- 3 k.- 1 pic.- 3 k.- 1 pic.- 3 k. 
Start again with the Swarovskji bead ring and repeat other 5 times.

Third part: finitions

This third part is a finition part, tatted without beads. 
We don't need to cut the thread at the of the second part: make 5 knots .- join to the first picot.- 6 k.- join.- 6 k.- jin to the picot.- now we have to make an arc over the three beads underneath: 2 k.- 7 picots of which the fourth will be a little bigger.- 2 k.- join.- 6 k.- join.- 6 k.- join.- 5k. -join to the Swarovskji peral ring and start again.
Repeat other 5 times

I really hope I could help you realize this pattern, and hope you like what you will get. It would be really lovely to see your works on my Facebook page 'Piccolegioie tatted creations'. Please ask if you need help, or have any doubt or request, I'll be glad to answer! Enjoy yourself!


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  1. Hi this is Georgia Seitz from the Online Tatting Class. Some of the tatters in class have requested to work your green autumn earrings pattern.
    May I have permission to share it with the class and post it at the class website? AKTATTER@aol.comThanks

  2. Hallo, sorry for being so late. I'll be glad if you will share my pattern with your class and post it at the class website. So glad you like it! I'd also be happy if you will let me see your results, please post your works on my facebook page: 'piccolegioie tatted creations'. Thank you! Valeria

  3. Thank you for the pattern.:D

  4. Thanks so much Judit, so glad you made it. If you don't mind I would like to publish your picture on my faceook page, and also here on my log. I'll be waiting for your permission, thanks, Valeria

  5. It is beautiful pattern/design. Thank you for sharing.